Twins Florence is the brainchild of designer Linda Calugi, born in Tuscany 23rd october 1983 and mother of 2 years old Lea. She earned her degree in architecture from Florence University and later moved to Milan where she worked as freelance stylist.

Art, architecture and styling are the main reference points for Linda as well as for the brand’s identity: Twins Florence connects different worlds, times and cultural landscapes.

Linda Calugi launched the Twins Florence project in 2015. Since then she collaborated with Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana for shows during Milan Fashion Weeks, she won the Premio Ramponi at White
Milan in September 2016 and the Premium Berlin Young Designer Award in January 2017.
The Belarus Fashion Week chose Twins Florence as one of the foreign guests for its October 2017 edition.
In 2018 Twins Florence was semi-finalist  of International Woolmark Prize, in 2019 finalist of Who is on next? 2019 and Green Carpet Fashion Award.


The Twins Florence collections cross boundaries through creativity, mixing arts and fashion to shape a contemporary aesthetics.

The brand identity is strong and deeply rooted in the Italian manufacturing tradition: each and every item is produced by historic family-owned fashion factory based in Tuscany and its network.

Through her creations, Linda Calugi expresses an interpretation of the relationship between trends and fashion that virtually overcomes time: while each seasonal collection as a whole expresses a specific and contemporary vision, all items from any Twins Florence collection past, present and future can be perfectly mixed and matched, regardless of the year and the season, enhancing a new point of view on sustainability coming from value and respect.

Twins Florence is a fashion experience that engages all senses. All of them are deeply involved in every single step of the process, starting from the fabric selection: pure wool, raw cottons, leather and linen enhance the aesthetic experience of fashion with natural qualities and textures that appeal to the touch, speaking to everyone’s skin with the most universal language.

Twins Florence’s vision of femininity wittingly blends androgyny and glamour. A clear-cut identity that addresses to a self-aware worldwide audience whose aesthetics is not defined by citizenship, age or gender.